Plan routes from A to Z above complex data with real-time traffic information

Main functionality



Get accurate directions for route planning for transport, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. With Directions, you can schedule routes in real-time or set the race time for a future route.

With Directions, your travels will be smooth, without unnecessary waiting for traffic jams. Your planning will also be more effective, saving you time and money and leaving a positive experience on all sides.


Distance Matrix

Compare time and distance on recommended routes between multiple destinations at once.

Do you plan to distribute goods between your company's branches, ship shipments to end-users or just head for shopping or trips? Google Maps Platform lets you plan routes with up to 25 transit points.



Create accurate and efficient itineraries for your travels and different means of transport or plan the shortest route along predetermined points.

Roads assigns the GPS coordinates of your location to the geometric path of the road and determines the speed limit along these segments.



APIs supporting Routes


Direction API

Provide directions for transit, biking, driving, or walking between multiple locations. Learn more.

Distance Matrix API

Calculate travel times and distances for multiple destinations. Learn more.

Roads API

Snap-to-road functionality to accurately trace GPS breadcrumbs. Learn more.



Complemetary products



Give your users accurate maps with rich content and Street View Gallery.


Discover the world with more than 100 million points of interest with detailed information on location, contacts and atmosphere.



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