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Basic facts

Name: CEDA Maps a.s. (CEDA)
Type of company: Joint-stock company
Headquarters and offices: Jihlavská 1558/21, 140 00  Praha 4, Czech Republic
Subsidiary company: CEDA Slovakia, s.r.o.
Place of business (Contact address): Technická 2, Bratislava, 821 04, Slovakia
Basic capital: 11 million CZK

Company Structure

Management Directory:
Mgr. Radovan Prokeš – CEO, Chairman of the Board
RNDr. Jan Vodňanský – Director of Production department, Member of the Board

Business Department:
Mgr. Radovan Prokeš – Sales Director

Human Resources and Operational Department:
Romana Krásová

Production Department:
RNDr. Jan Vodňanský – Director of Production Department 

General business activities

CEDA was established to cover business activities on the market consisting of the provision of licences for the use of digital maps and spatial databases. Since the very beginning the company has relied on extensive experience of its employees in the areas of cartography, geographic information systems (GIS) and the production of digital data and spatial databases. In recent years, the company has developed knowhow leading to the creation of its own navigation databases which are licenced to various customers from the governmental as well as the private sector.

CEDA is also delivering data covering the Czech and Slovak Republics to TomTom for production of their global MultiNet geographical database. CEDA is an authorised Google Cloud Partner offering to customers Google map solutions. CEDA also delivered significant part of Google Maps content within Czech Republic and Slovakia. Apart from the main focus of company activities the company also provides consulting services in transport oriented information systems, transport-telematics systems and special telematics projects. Recently, CEDA is also moving towards the indoor navigation business.

     Areas of company interest
      • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
      • Processing of digital map data and spatial databases
      • Digital cartography
      • Navigation and dynamic traffic information
      • Web Services for presentation and analysis of geographic-based information
      • Indoor maps, navigation, positioning
      • Location-based marketing
      • Online transport-related data distribution

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