CEDA is changing

 Prague, April 1, 2019 - Central European Data Agency, a.s. becomes CEDA Maps a.s.

The reasons for these changes are summed up by Radovan Prokeš, Chairman of the Board of Directors: “Our company has been known to the general public as CEDA in its 18-year existence, so when we were deciding how we want to make our former name simpler, we wanted to build on the great reputation that CEDA has built up. On the other hand, we wanted to prepare for the expansion of our product and service portfolio, which is why we have renamed to CEDA Maps a.s. It opens an opportunity for easier creation of daughter or sister companies under the common CEDA brand.”

With the change of the name comes also a new modern logo, which will be identical for all related companies. This change is followed by a complete change in corporate marketing and communication style. The change will be realized gradually until the end of the summer 2019. 
Another significant change in effect from 1 April 2019 is the relocation of the company’s headquarters, which is now in the Greenline business centre on Jihlavská 1558/21, Prague 4, Czechia. Fixed phone numbers are also new: the main contact is on +420 226 201 100, technical support +420 226 201 101. Other contact connections such as mobile numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, bank details and, of course, company Reg.No. and VAT numbers remain the same.
"As far as all of the above changes are concerned, we confirm that they have no influence on the existing contractual relationships for which we stand firmly. We will be happy to welcome our partners in our new modern offices, where our team works on unique new products and services in areas such as Mobility as a Service, Traffic Telematics, Indoor Navigation and Geoinformatics. All our products have and will continue to have a common element: position in space: namely it relates to mapping, localization or navigation. Finally, let me add that although the date we selected may look suspicious, this message is not an April Fool.", adds Radovan Prokeš.

If you are interested in more information or marketing materials, do not hesitate to contact us at email marketing@ceda.cz or phone +420 226 201 101.

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