Certification of Location Tables of the Czech Republic v6.0

On December 18th 2014 were by TISA (Traveler Information Services Association) certified and released for the distribution new Location Tables of the Czech Republic - version 6.0 (LT CZE v6.0). This location tables were, as in previous years, created by CEDA (Central European Data Agency).

General revision, accuracy improvement and expansion of localized sections especially at the level of regional cities have been done in accordance with ISO 14819 and other specifications of TISA organization. Version 6.0 includes nearly 27,000 locations.

Increase of the number of location and verification of the whole territory of the Czech Republic was done within the entire location network. Location Tables v6.0 covers highways, 1st and 2nd class roads, interconnecting 3rd classes that can be used as an alternative route to highways and tertiary roads in selected cities. The more detailed level of administrative division was also integrated.

LT CZE v6.0 are using Unicode encoding system UTF- 8 and they are available in three language versions. Our company is responsible for their distribution as well as of distribution of updated Event List v2.0. (According to the ISO 14819-2)

Expected date to implement LT CZE v6.0 in a data system providing real-time traffic information (National traffic information center in Ostrava and Traffic information center in Prague) and start of broadcasting the traffic information via RDS-TMC is the half of 2015.

Should you be interested in further details, please use the following contact:
Magdalena Indrová - Product manager

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