Points of Interest

Our own POI database for CR and SK. More than 70 categories. Updated twice a year.

Basic facts about Points of interest database

Points of interest (POI) database of Czechia and Slovakia includes detailed information about objects and coordinates of their position in space. 

With each POI we register a point category within the geodatabase, its name, information about the address and contact data (email, phone number, web). The addresses are linked to official address register RUIAN. The actual number of categories and the information of counts of points in each category is stated in our product sheet. Generally speaking this database contains more than 270 000 POIs in up to 75 categories.


 Basic data

Data format: ESRI Shapefie
Reference frame:
| WGS84 | S-42
Map basis scale: 1 : 10 000
Position accuracy: 5-10 m
Number of categories: 75
Coverage: CZE


Visualisation ***** | Analysis ***** Localisation ***** | Navigation ***** 



POI database applicability

POI database has a wide range of usage from applications as LBS (location based services), finding solutions to traffic and navigational tasks to geomarketing solutions.  POI database can be linked to road network via StreetNet POI link. Such an extension contains access points to POI and allows navigation on the network and representation of the object from the POI set.

We regularly provide our POI´s to a number of state institutions and private companies. They are used by regional authorities, ministries, components of the integrated rescue system, companies in the field of transport and logistics, energy, banks and marketers for various analyzes.


Actualisation of the POI database

POI  update is released twice a year and includes a revision of the current geodatabase, newly added objects and new component categories. Diverse sources are used for the production of this dataset – from professional databases, registers of governmental institutions, official lists of commercial subjects to information extracted from the web and field work.


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POI CZE - product sheet

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