News in the summer version of CEDA data

Prague, September 18, 2018 - We would like to inform you about the news in the summer version of the CEDA data, which was released into distribution.

The regular summer edition is the result of a half-year work by a team of specialists who prepared the data for the release of a new version of StreetNet geodatabase and its extensions, POIs and digital raster maps derived from the above sources.

The main focus on updates was, as always, to update the road network of the Czechia and Slovakia. Tens of thousands of changes and new objects were built. The current length of the road network increased to 340 thousand. km on the Czech territory and 158 thousand km in the Slovak area. As a novelty among other StreetNet data layers, we have prepared tram axle conveyor belts in the Czech data. The size of POI CZE has exceeded 200,000 and POI SVK reached 66,000 points of interest.

We offer raster maps created as a suitable basis for GIS analysis, imaging and printing. Traditional map tiles, the ideal map for your map servers, are now available in both raster and vector formats. Raster map tiles are a verified 13-scale map format. Vector map tiles represent a novelty with the ability to customize your appearance, make it easy for desktop and mobile devices, and combine it with other data with the smooth transition between map scale. The advantage is also the perfect sharpness on all devices.

Current data will also be available in CWS Map Services (CEDA Web Services), which we offer services such as track searches, landing areas, ect.

For more information about our data or mapping service, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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