We offer positionally accurate and attribute rich data of the Czechia and Slovakia, raster maps and TomTom and Google for Work products...

CEDA offers a wide range of its own products – mainly vector geo-databases, digital raster maps, and outputs from our own mobile mapping. At the same time CEDA is Google Cloud Partner for map products and services and actively cooperates with TomTom as a re-seller of their proprietary products.

The core product concerning vector data is a digital vector geo-database StreetNet - a highly position accurate and attribute rich vector data of transportation network and supplementary layers – with containing additional geographic features. In cooperation with Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic we regularly produce Global Network. We are an authorized dealer of MultiNetTM by TomTom. We also administer our own database of Points of Interest including the possibility of customer’s own POI paid annotation (companies, restaurants, hotels, etc.) which could be uploaded to both CEDA and TomTom databases. Vector data serves as the base for quality digital raster map production, from small to large scales used for web applications (Map Tiles) and also for hard copy prints (maps of various cartographic scales). We operate our own mobile mapping which can be adjusted on demand, the output consists of geo-tagged photos extracted from video-sequences.

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