CEDA Web Services (CWS)

Map service using CEDA proprietary data. Regular updates. Offer of on demand functions and customised solutions…

Basics about CWS

CEDA Web Services (CWS) is a set of internet tools for digital maps manipulation. It works with our proprietary vector (StreetNet and its extensions and POI database) and raster data (Map tiles).

It is not necessary to have your own GIS software to use the CWS, you do not even have to care about data updates. All map data is stored in a cloud on CEDA servers from which the content and services are pulled based on the client requirements.


CWS applicability

Providing map services via API is one of many services CEDA offers. Other extension solutions for enterprises, corporations or institutions aim to ease work with the map. They allow creation of professional outputs and applications to ordinary customers or provide effective and comfortable centralized administration of spatial business data without the need to use complex GIS of-the-shelf software. They also make it accessible to various types of intra-corporate applications or applications for clients.

Incorporation of web mapping services into server, desktop, Internet and mobile applications is fully supported. The developers then get the possibility to implement maps and professional mapping services using Javascript API or web services. Several web SDK examples for various application types are available.


 Functions offered by CWS

Not only the visual side is important to us, we of course care about the offered services which are prepared over the map and from which your own applications can be created. Functions offered by CWS are for:

  • geo-coding (address search)
  • reverse geo-coding (determination of address’s coordinates)
  • routing (routes search) including detailed parameters for type and size of the vehicle
  • searching in the POI catalogue (and the nearest POI while on the motorway)
  • measuring distances and areas
  • easy displaying of your own data and objects on the map
  • calculation of service zones and other spatial analytical tasks 


Planned development

CEDA is preparing a further development in data area. It will be possible to select from a wide variety of spatial data which the clients could use in the applications– enrich the final output of additional information will be possible within just few clicks in the catalogue.


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