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Our story.

The best advisor for your travels

CEDA is the creator of sophisticated navigation maps, innovative mobility, and distributor of online data. The world around us is dynamically changing and we do everything we can in our powers to always find you the best route. 

We offer more than just maps - we can plan both fast and specific routes - for cars, firefighters or even for disabled people. Meanwhile we monitor the state of routes, transport, and parking lots. Global technological leaders, governments and companies rely on us. Will you join them? 


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We map the world and answer questions where, where to, which way and how.




For great result we are ready to take an extra step. Even though it’s hard work. We always look for the best solution for our clients because we care about the result.


We are conscientious experts. We know we want to be the best in our field of work and so we constantly improve ourselves. The rest is left to your partners, which we pick accordingly. If our knowledge has a gap, we admit it straight up so we can find a solution at the end. 


We supply police, firefighters, and rescuers with map data. We know, that when it comes to time and our work, people’s lives might rely on it. You can find us in almost every mobile phone, because we provide the biggest leaders with our data. 


We want to set an example. To show new ways of the future. We are continuously researching, developing, and innovating to help the world change for the better. We advise people on how to get better, faster, or more ecologically to destination.


We take our work seriously. Because we love it. If we find a common ground with people, it becomes a long-term cooperation. Whether client or a colleague, we support each other.