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Google Maps.

We provide support to existing and potential Google Maps customers. You can reach out to us with technical queries and we will advise you on choosing the appropriate APIs for your needs, on the use of Projects (Google service) and API keys as well as pricing calculations and billing. For any issues, we will assist you in dealing with Google.

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Support / Google Maps

Google Maps have worldwide coverage. The maps are constantly updated and amended. More than 50 million updates to the maps are done daily. Reach out to us and we’ll advise you on what Google Maps services are the most suitable for your solution.

No. If you obtain a license through Google Partner such as CEDA, you can pay by invoice.

It's simple. Upon signing a contract we will create a payment account for you. After that, you need to change the payment method for your Project in Google Cloud Consoli from a credit card to the payment account provisioned by us and that's it. The names of your Projects and all API keys will remain the same, so no source code changes are needed.

Of course. Our team will help you to check all settings, verify you have the necessary permissions and guide you through the process.

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