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Maps and APIs for your projects.

Maps and APIs by CEDA, Google, HERE or TomTom. We will help you find a map solution for every project and maximise its potential.

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Maps for public administration

We provide detailed data for regional governments as well as municipal police, firefighters and rescue teams to support their navigation routing.

  • Maps for transport companies and integrated regional transport systems
  • Urban planning data for designers 
  • Regional and municipal maps for visitor geoportals and mobile apps 
  • Regional environment data  

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Accurate traffic data

We help to save lives and ensure smooth transport across Czechia and surrounding areas.

  • Accurate data for the transmission of traffic information (NDIC) across the territory of Czechia and neighboring countries
  • Freight traffic control (rest areas)
  • Fast routing for 112 service vehicles
  • Toll calculation data 

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Maps for planning and analysis

We provide map data for network development and freight operations.

  • Fleet tracking 
  • On-foot and bike delivery of goods

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Map APIs for Apps

For your custom apps, you can use our services to help with POI or route searches and planning.

  • Maps of any scope 
  • Various licensing models based on usage 
  • Worry-less map updates
  • for fleet management

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Smart searches by address and point-of-interest

Our solution will make it easier for you to find locations and points of interest including suggestions.

  • POI searches for institutions, restaurants, museums or shops
  • Results precisely linked to pedestrian and car road network
  • Shortest distance searches 

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Solution for logbooks and other reports

We will make sure your travel reports and logbooks clearly show the what, when, where and how.

  • Data and sources for the translation of coordinates obtained from apps, trackers and other sources 
  • Solution suitable even for large fleets with millions of records per day
  • Matching names with places where your vehicles, machines, personnel or even your pets have wandered
  • Compliance with logbook legal requirements

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POI and address database

We provide regularly updated database of post offices, ATMs and dozens other points of interest for you to easily plug into your app.

  • Hundreds of thousands POIs across dozens categories 
  • Location, contact and address for each destination
  • Addresses and POIs linked to road network
  • Address database compatible with the national address register

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