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Map data.

We provide support for CEDA StreetNet geodatabases and extensions, CEDA POIs, CEDA map tiles, Global Network product and TomTom data. And we can advise on which data sets are suitable for your project and how to get the most out of them.

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Support / Map data

CEDA data are primarily intended for use in a GIS software. We work with ESRI Shapefile and DBF formats, map tiles are provided in Tile Package and Vector Tile Package as well as derived formats for use outside ESRI software.

Our in-house data cover the entire territory of Czechia with an overlap of about 20 km beyond the border and the whole of Slovakia. Working with TomTom we are however able to provide data for the whole world.

We constantly work to keep the data current, releasing a new version at least twice a year.

Based on your intended use, we can provide you with a sample of our data at a business meeting. For this purpose we have a sample dataset covering a Prague suburb. However, the sample data is provided for testing only and may not be redistributed.

Yes. We provide the data as a whole but we can also provide a subset covering your particular area or topic of interest. If you briefly describe your indented use, we can recommend suitable datasets.

We price our datasets based on multiple considerations – use case, number of users, term of use, covered area, included information or desired functionality. To get a quote, feel free to use our form to specify your intended use, the number of users and for how long you need the data. This way you can significantly speed up the quoting.

We only provide free data to students for their theses, these usually cover a single district. Eligible applicants may obtain the Global Network database based on the license held by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. All others can acquire the data on a commercial basis. 

Fill out your contact details in the contract template and form and send everything to We will contact you and if everything is alright, ask you to send the originals by mail (2 copies of the contract and 1 copy of the form). If you are unsure whether you are an eligible applicant, reach out to us directly at and describe your intent. We will help you to evaluate your options or offer other solutions.


Thanks for your initiative. Please use our form to describe your suggestion. Also please attach a map cutout to indicate the location. We will attend to your input and will reflect that in an additional release. 


Please use this form to contact us and describe how you use or intend to use the data – the territory, usage, number of planned users and for how long you need the data.


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