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Smart city navigation.

Mobility-as-a-Service: efficient mobile solution for cities and regions. The comfort of a sustainable transport of the future.

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Mobility solutions for regions, cities and IDS

We are able to combine public transport with walking, bike or car in an efficient and compelling way and also to include P+R parking and bike sharing.

  • Local and network traffic considered (congested connections, delays, heavy traffic, limited parking availability)
  • Aimed at increased use of public transport and fare collection 
  • Reduce parking stress with navigation to available spots
  • Innovate public transport by introducing the Mobility as a Service concept

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Smart route planner

We provide user-friendly route planner that takes into account individual requirements. It finds the most suitable route combining different modes of transport to save time, stress and money.

  • Modern approach to navigating cities and regions
  • Better accessibility for tourist destinations and services
  • Single place to pay for all modes of transport
  • User needs are determined based on a thorough research 
  • Routes adapted to specific needs, e.g. for mothers with strollers, wheelchair users or drivers without a parking card

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Mobility-as-a-Service (MAAS)

We are bringing the concept of mobility as a service that allows combining different modes of travel for comfort and environmental considerations.

  • Create a transport system to connect all modes of transport 
  • Simplified payment for services used on the journey 
  • Relief for overloaded parking, roads and public transport 
  • Compelling alternative to car ownership 
  • Modern approach to providing transport services and parking

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ROUTE4ALL – barrier-free city roaming

We are able to find routes that adapt to individual needs.

  • Easier city navigation for the disabled, elderly, parents with strollers and tourists with luggage
  • Walking routes to meet the specific needs of different groups  

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Mobility data platform

Our comprehensive solution integrates route searches, operational traffic management, timetable planning and understanding of mobility demand.

  • Transport infrastructure mapping 
  • All traffic data sources linking 
  • Mobility demand and supply data acquisition 
  • Delivery of the processed data to customers
  • Building predictive models for traffic development 

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