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Routes the way you like them.

Searching routes based on a type of transport helps you find the best paths. Save kilometers, time, and the environment.

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Intelligent route planning

We will help you to find the best routes. We work with real-time traffic, finding routes by vehicle type, for pedestrians and indoors too. We are able to handle transfers between different modes of transport.

  • Easy integration into third-party apps
  • Combined transport modes for more sustainable and efficient routes
  • Time savings through use of up-to-date traffic data 
  • Route adjustment based on the requirements and possibilities of a specific app

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Emergency – navigation for rescue teams

Navigation for privileged driving with a flashing blue light for shorter routes through select restrictions. This also it takes into account the size and weight of cars where there are physical limitations – such as under a bridge.

  • From passenger cars to tankers and other heavy equipment 
  • Distinction between formal and actual constraints on the movement of machinery
  • Route planning for traffic controllers guiding cars with a flashing light
  • The most detailed data used by 112 dispatchers and the operational command of fire and police
  • Supports integration into most on-board systems used by rescue services

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ROUTE4ALL, routes adapted to individual needs

ROUTE4ALL planner selects optimal routes not only for hikers or athletes but also supports navigation for wheelchair users, blind, elderly or parents with strollers.

  • Routes adapted to specific needs, multiple option selection 
  • Mapped barriers and landmarks
  • Simple planner access using an API
  • Straightforward integration with other apps

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Navigation direct to parking lots

We are going to simplify parking or electric car charger searches for all drivers. We are able to calculate the price of the service upfront and plan routes all the way to the spot. 

  • Provisioning parking information for parking hubs, car makers or global apps
  • Parking space map including pricing info, restrictions and location searches based on car type and authorizations
  • Up to 30% peak traffic reduction 
  • Online parking occupancy detection 

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Fleet, car and worker optimization

We will help you to plan smart routes and efficiently allocate stops among cars. This will help you to avoid needless drives, uphills and columns. You will save your money as well as the environment.

  • Minimize needless drives
  • Consideration for the traffic 
  • Optimal workloads for individual workers 
  • More clients served
  • Environment conservation through appropriate job clustering

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