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Indoor and outdoor localization.

Even at a place where GPS can’t reach, we will arrange navigation, maps, or movement analysis. Outside or inside tunnels, buildings, or parking lots.

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Navigation doesn’t stop at the door

Our technology makes it easy for visitors to find their way to a specific office, lecture hall or even a platform at a railway station.

  • User localization at places where satellite navigation doesn’t work 
  • Navigation to points of interest inside a building and around it
  • Simple and straightforward information presentation 

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Localization inside tunnels and at covered parking lots

We will guide you through places without GPS signal such as underground spaces, tunnels or parking lots. 

  • Reduce the incidence of dangerous situations caused by poor vehicle positioning 
  • Locate a vehicle in emergency situations
  • Accurate and up-to-date information, announcements and advance warnings to enable the driver to react in time

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Insight into what’s happening inside buildings

We will provide you with data on building attendance to optimize traffic, improve security, locate congested places and determine the number of visitors inside a building as well as specific business units.

  • Real-time and GDPR-compliant tracking of visitor flow 
  • Analytical processing and visualization of attendance data 
  • Valuable information for innovation, reconstruction, restructuring

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Improved visitor security

Our modern technologies will enable you to protect the health of visitors to your buildings. We will ensure timely notification in case of an emergency including guidance to the nearest exit.

  • Manage visitor flow 
  • Adapt routes to users with reduced mobility (disabled, mothers with strollers) 

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