A detailed routable network of roads and 15 related topographic layers.

StreetNet basic information

StreetNet is the most important product of CEDA company.

Geodatabase StreetNet is made of 16 data layers – the core layer represents seamless and fully routable road network supplemented by additional topographic layers and layers of administrative boundaries. The components of each layer are described by large number of attributes. The majority of information can be found in the roads layer (road) – its descriptive information (number, international number and class of the road, street name etc.), attributes describing technical and functional state of individual segments and basic attributes for movement on the network.


StreetNet coverage

StreetNet is a seamless geodatabase covering the whole area of Czechia and Slovakia. StreetNet geodabase is divided into two products: StreetNet CZE and StreetNet SVK.


 Basic data

Data format: ESRI Shapefile
Reference frame:
| WGS84 | S-42
Map basic scale: 1 : 10 000
Elaboration accuracy: 5-10 m
Number of layers: 16
Coverage: CZE


Visualisation ***** | Analysis ***** Localisation ***** | Navigation *****  


StreetNet suitability

StreetNet is suitable for visualisation and complex GIS analysis, for finding a solution to traffic problems and for vehicular, cyclist and pedestrian navigation.
StreetNet and
its extensions is used by many commercial companies and governmental institutions including sections of Integrated Rescue System (IRS).



Content of StreetNet geodatabase

Geodatabase StreetNet is made of 16 data layers:
The core layer represents seamless and fully routable road network. Every road section is described by large number of attributes (e.g. number, category, type, street names and basic routing attributes) and it already contains significant constructions on highways, motorways and 1st class roads to be opened before the release of a next version of StreetNet.
The road network is extended by basic topographic layers and administration area layers: freeway intersections, kilometrage, railways, built-up areas, centres of settlement, land use and land cover, nature protection areas, water area and water lines and administrative areas.


StreetNet release terms

StreetNet is continually updated and is released twice a year.  Its coverage reflects the actual state of road network at the moment when the data is released while parts of roads under construction (with given opening date) are taken into consideration. The data for updates comes from fieldwork, publicly accessible sources and from data provided by state institutions, offices and commercial subjects.


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StreetNet CZE - product sheet

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